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Atacama Desert ~ Chile

The Atacama Desert, running over 600 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains is the most driest desert in the world. In fact it has hardly ever rained here in recorded history.

Chile Atacama Desert
Chile's Atacama Desert

The eerie Moon Valley and unusually colorful village of San Pedro de Atacama is located at 6,600 feet above sea level. Surrounded by a green oasis, San Pedro retains its colonial charm of narrow streets and has a church dating back to 1577. The village is the center of the Indian culture of Atacama, who inhabited the desert long ago. The Father Le Paige Museum has over 4,000 skulls, innumerable mummies, weapons and pottery on display.

In the Atacama stay at the elegant Explora Atacama where no detail has been forgotten or at the Hotel Terrentai for more basic accommodations and a closer proximity to the town of San Pedro. In either Hotel all meals and activities are included. Activities range from very active hiking and biking to scenic tours of the area.

Days are filled with exploration of this incredible world of soaring volcanoes, stark lava fields, and huge rolling trackless dunes. El Tatio Geyser, a geothermal field flanked by soaring Andean peaks is the highest geyser field in the world at 14,000 feet. At dawn, powerful spurts of steam erupt out of the ground through various blowholes, and the vision of the steaming geysers against the deep blue desert sky may be one of your most enduring memories of your visit here.

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