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Las Trincheras Thermal Center & Spa, Venezuela

Las Trincheras Thermal Center & Spa is located two hours and a half drive from Caracas, and just 15 minutes from Valencia in a leafy gully. The air is pure and rich in iodine, influenced by the sea winds blowing from the nearby coast. Visited by Alexander von Humboldt in 1800, the thermal center was officially founded 89 years later.

The hotel has 120 simple rooms, ranging from standard to executive suites, restaurant, cafeteria, TV room, meeting rooms, laundry, telephone, post office and medical service.

The spa is highlighted by the pure and crystalline hot springs reaching up to 194ºF. The revitalizing natural waters are especially recommended for painful joints, chronic rheumatism and neurological disorders. Rich in mineral content, the waters have bicarbonate, sodium, fluorides and silicate, elements that make them unique in the world. The treatments used in Las Trincheras are thermo therapy (pool baths), swedish baths (hydrotherapy), natural steam therapy and mud therapy.

Other treatments available include hydro massage, wet massage, sauna, cosmetology, anti stress massage, chiropractic massage, facials, reflexology and reiki.

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