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Islands, Venezuela

The Venezuelan coast on the Caribbean Sea doesn't bathe the mainland alone, some 72 tropical islands packed with adventures add to the experience as well. Nueva Esparta State, the only entirely insular region in Venezuela, is comprised of the country's largest island Margarita, Coche and Cubagua and is located 24 miles from the Sucre coast. Wonderful archipelagos, such as Las Aves, Los Testigos and Los Frailes and other virginal islands such as La Blanquilla and La Tortuga are also part of Venezuela and can be visited by air or in a private charter sailboat or yacht. The so called continental islands of Mochima and Morrocoy National Parks complete what is to offer.

Scuba diving and snorkeling lovers will feel in paradise here. If you prefer windsurfing, your best bets will be the world famous El Yaque Beach in Margarita, Coche and Los Roques. The average wind speed in El Yaque is 25-30 knots. Other beach-related activities such as body surfing, board surfing, ultra lights, wave runners, parasailing and sailing are also available at many spots. Don't forget Venezuela is out of the hurricane belt!

Los Roques Archipelago National Park, one of the main travel destinations in Venezuela, is located 90 miles north of Caracas International Airport. This natural park covers 546,166 acres packed with hundreds of small, flat, white sand islands and mangroves surrounded by turquoise water where you can practice windsurfing and experience the best snorkeling, diving and bonefishing in the Caribbean.

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