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Tortuga, Venezuela

La Tortuga Island lies north of Anzoátegui state, some 46 nautical miles from the Unare Lagoon. It has an area of 58 square miles, being only surpassed in size by Margarita Island, half a hundred miles to the east. Although its shape resembles that of a turtle (tortuga), the name comes from the wealth of turtles that used its beaches to nest. A beautiful and attractive natural place, it is very flat with 148 feet above sea level as its highest elevation. The underwater outline descends whirling in the south side and just 6 miles from the coast it is 3281 feet deep. The fishing is abundant as in almost all the islands of Venezuela.

The marine life is half way between that of ocean islands with coral reefs, like Los Roques Archipelago National Park, and that of continental islands, located closer to the mainland, as are those in the Mochima and Morrocoy National Parks. The proximity of La Tortuga to the mainland and its size make it one of the most likely Venezuelan islands to experience a tourist development of importance in the years to come. Make sure to visit this totally untouched area before that happens! Experience La Tortuga's solitary, virginal and white sand beaches and scuba diving by charter yacht or sailboat from Puerto La Cruz, Margarita or Higuerote (just two hours drive east from Caracas) or fly over for the day.

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