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Venezuela now has a broad network of inner air links and in some cases is not longer necessary to pass by the main airport of Caracas to reach your next destination. Small planes are used to serve the remote camps and spots of the Amazon and the Lost World. An overflight of Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall and the Auyantepui is a not to be missed experience, as it is the very scenic flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Santa Elena de Uairen or the over fly by plane or helicopter of the Roraima and the Kukenan Tepuys.

The only ferry connections link the mainland with Margarita, Venezuela’s biggest island. Boats depart from La Guaira, on the coast close to Caracas, Puerto La Cruz and Cumana. The infinite river systems of the Amazon and the Lost World are constantly cruised by indigenous dugout canoes (Curiaras), wooden bongos and boats. From Canaima, journey up the Carrao River for a trip to Angel Falls, or fly to Kavak and go downriver the Akanan and the Carrao to Canaima, also visiting Angel Falls. Upriver the Caura, which is encircled by the country’s biggest forest reserve, the seldom-visited Para Falls await. From Puerto Ayacucho, tour indigenous communities, natural monuments, petroglyphs and sacred mountains in our Autana Tepuy or Cuao Hill River Ventures, or for a total insight to the Venezuelan Amazon, retrace the steps of naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt.

Land transportation is the most popular due to the very cheap gas and the extensive network of paved roads, one of the best in Latin America. Worth mentioning is the Gran Sabana road, which starts in Ciudad Bolivar and traverse an ample variety of landscapes, including farmlands, mining towns and unique savannah and tabletop mountain scenery before ending in the Venezuelan-Brazil border. The road from Maracay to Choroni traverses the rain and cloud forests teeming with birds and wildlife of the Henri Pittier National Park, while the Andes roads are very picturesque as well, taking visitors through quaint towns, high paramos, cultivated slopes and snow-capped peaks.

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